Accepted Merchants Information


Dates: May 21 + 22, May 28 + 29 (10a - 7pm)

Address: 70 North 7th St in Williamsburg


Wall Display Area (The actual display will be similar but not exact)

Wall Display Area (The actual display will be similar but not exact)

Art and Accessories 

Art and Accessories 

Products and Display (On the middle Island)

Products and Display (On the middle Island)

Jewelry Displays

Jewelry Displays


1. The Co-Retail shop can display only up to 15 SKUs per merchant, and you can give us as many inventory as you want (we suggest up to 20 for small items, up to 10 for medium items, and up to 2 for large items). We will process payments with 0% commission, but there is a 2.75% credit card fee. Please include that as part of your pricing. 

2. Pricing is entirely up to you, as we don't take any commission, please set your price to be competitive!

3. Staffing: we will provide two sales staff during the whole co-retail shop, managing the operations, POS, and talking to customers about the story of each of the merchants. We know that some of you would like to be at the market, which is totally ok, if you can help getting clients through the shop, or explaining your products to them, anything that helps drive sales is fair game! However, the shop is small and please be mindful of that. 

4. Visual Merchandizing & Positioning of items in the store is entirely up to our discretion and curation, we will make all products to be appeared equally well within the shop. The shop is located at the entry of the market so it will get good traction and curation.  



1Co-Retail : the power of the co-retail shop is that all 13 of the merchants are telling the narrative of : made local, shop local in this 100-miles-shop. IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO HELP US SPREAD THE WORD about this shop, and we will come up with sample descriptions for different social media and email content so you can help us help you spread the word! More of this will be posted here as time goes forward. 

2. Merchant's Story: we will curate a section in the shop to showcase the story of the merchants as little cards that visitors can take and know where to find you online.

3. Share using #100milesshop hashtag

4. Images (See below or grab from this Dropbox Folder Link)



1. Confirm participation by signing e-agreement by April 8

2. Pay hold-deposit (50% of usage fee) by April 8, remainder fees are due 30 days prior to event on April 21.

3. Confirm inventory and pricing by April 15, we will send you a form to capture that information once you confirmed your participation.

4. We will likely follow-up by April 15 on any information about your brand that is missing in the application to make sure we can tell a good story about your brand.

5. Confirm whether you can ship or drop off your products for a Mock-Up run at 103 Allen St Miles Storefront in the LES on April18 - 19 from 11am - 6pm. If you cannot send us your products / inventory by that date, we can still gather your products up to May10. *We highly suggest you participate in our "Mock-Up" to ensure we can represent your products well in the actual shop. 


Please upload your 15 Products using this link below: 

Upload your products info, pricing, and inventory here <


1. We will provide a sales report 2 - 4 business days after each weekend

2. We will track inventory and ask for replenishment if needed after the 1st weekend. 

3. We will cover theft of products in case that happens.